Take a topsy-turvy ride with an urban couple from California who move to an island on the North Carolina coast. What could possibly go wrong when upscale Yankee meets down-home Redneck?

Chapter 20

Redneck Riviera

“First, the islander’s boat will always be larger than his domicile. If he lives in an apartment or rental, the island Redneck sees no problem with having a boat that is worth more than the roof over his head. If he lives in a trailer, the boat typically will be longer, taller and frequently wider, usually by a foot in all dimensions.  His trailer can be held together with duct tape. The boat will be immaculate. On the island, a man is not judged by where or in what he lives or by the women he dates. But his boat, however, will speak to his depth of character.

Second, Redneck vessels are generally marked in some way with the sacred Southern insignia of the Stars ‘n’ Bars. This can be either a flag proudly waving to identify the owner as a native son of the South, a decal, generally at least two feet square posted somewhere on the boat, or the name of the boat itself. A Redneck boat will never fly the Ensign. It can, and generally will, fly every other form of pennant, from NASCAR number flags to Budweiser banners, but it will never fly the Ensign. Too much like the Yankee flag.”

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Motivation Behind Writing

Driven by an unyielding passion for storytelling, James Hooker embraces a mission that goes beyond mere words. Through humor-infused narratives he uncovers truths in the everyday, inviting readers to delight in the fusion of wit and insight. With each carefully woven tale, Hooker aims to ignite a humorous examination, infusing life into characters and plots that linger long after the final page is turned. 

In a world filled with formulaic literature, his unique perspective offers a refreshing oasis of originality. With unwavering dedication Hooker creates a place where laughter and contemplation dance together as he guides readers on unforgettable expeditions.

Review by Anthony Avina

This was such a compelling and thoughtful narrative. The author does a great job of balancing what feels like their own personal experiences with hilarious and engaging scenarios unique to the island they find themselves on. The fast pace of the narrative and the relatability of the character’s arcs in this story felt like a great way of drawing the reader in. The overall atmosphere and character arc themselves felt like something pulled out of the cult classic film My Cousin Vinny, embracing the city slicker fresh out of the water feeling when the protagonist arrives in the slower-paced, humorous landscape of the South.

The dynamic character development and the powerful theme of embracing the unexpected made this a fantastic story to get lost in. The juxtaposition of the protagonist and his mindset with how things operate within the Southern culture was perfectly presented here, and the way this journey takes off so suddenly and the couple here are thrown into this journey through adventure. Engagement kept the reader invested in the story’s development.

The Verdict
Remarkable, hilarious, and engaging author James Hooker’s “Redneck Riviera” is a must-read novel. The threading of multiple storylines and exploring culture shock throughout the story will keep readers invested in this short yet potent novel. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

Redneck Riviera


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